• The Cambridge University Boathouse aims to use energy as efficiently as possible and maintain perfect comfort conditions through the use of a BEMS from Trend
  • When Leeds University School of Chemistry needed to reconfigure and optimise its ventilation and controls strategy, a BEMS from Trend provided the perfect formula
  • Cavendish Close Junior School is a large educational facility located in Chaddesden, a suburb of Derby. Having recently been rebuilt, a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) from Trend Control Systems is now used to maximise energy efficiency.
  • The Bright Building at the University of Bradford is one of the most eco-friendly structures in the world and uses WindowMaster technology from Trend Control Systems to facilitate natural ventilation throughout.
  • When Atlantic College’s biomass boilers failed to operate correctly due to problems with the heating system’s internal process controllers, a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) from Trend Control Systems came to the rescue.
  • The BEMS was initially installed locally in specific areas and was gradually networked. The controllers that were fitted 20 yrs ago are still working well, however, the University is in the process of upgrading the equipment on a project-by-project basis.
  • A new school in Plymouth is using “free” renewable energy for all its heating needs, making it one of the greenest schools in the UK. Pupils can observe their school’s BMS on a PC: a valuable teaching resource for energy efficiency and technology skills.
  • Actions taken following an energy audit in the Cass Business School at City University London have significantly reduced the building’s energy consumption and resulted in much improved comfort conditions.
  • Cambridge University has developed and adopted an award-winning model for applying building energy management systems in the higher education sector. This will enable many more of its staff to play a key role in energy saving and carbon reduction.
  • A Trend building energy management system engineered and installed by AirTech Controls Ltd has enabled fully coordinated control of the heating and natural ventilation at the new home of Newcastle-under-Lyme College.
  • The University of Southampton building is one of several sites across Europe that have been part of a recently completed European Commission project (SARA) to construct and demonstrate highly sustainable and replicable public access ‘eco-buildings’.
  • This newly built Performing Arts and Business Academy used motorised perimeter windows, atrium passive ventilation and energy management control to provide heating to each classroom space only when occupied.
  • Prior to last year's Commonwealth Games, England's successful swimming squad honed their performances in a new £7 million, 50m pool at Loughborough University.
  • The system’s main operator interface is a ‘962 client/server’ PC-based supervisor that connects directly to the school’s Ethernet IT network.
  • The installation of an IQ-based building management system at Delta High School in Muncie, Indiana, has resulted in much improved comfort conditions and lower energy consumption.