IQ Assured Support Levels

A BEMS support agreement need not be restricted to correcting or forestalling problems, it also offers an opportunity to get the most from a system. Effective control of building services provides many opportunities for cost savings and can often involve little or no investment.

Surprisingly large energy savings can be made simply by adjusting control system settings. Such initiatives typically provide a very quick return on invest which can often be measured in months rather than years.

To simplify selection of the support programme best suited to a particular user ’s needs, Trend offers three levels of IQ ASSURED – Performance, Managed and Energy.

IQ ASSURED performance
This level of service focuses on the accuracy and continuous availability of building services in environmentally critical areas. For example, laboratories, computer rooms, classrooms, museums, etc.

This support level focuses on the efficient use of services in order to minimise energy waste and remove unnecessary cost with a process to manage and track energy performance.

To suit individual building requirements, these two support levels can be further enhanced by adding any of the features from the other level.

IQ ASSURED managed
Trend now offers a managed support offering for a fully integrated approach to the management of a BEMS and the control of building services and energy performance. This support level is provided by a team of specialist engineers utilising the latest system optimising and monitoring tools.

For more information on the services covered under each option please contact Trend on +49 (0) 69 80 64 100.

 IQ ASSURED Performance

Energy Support

Managed Support
Dedicated remote support included included Trend can provide a fully managed performnce or energy support  agreement for your BEMS
Centralised call logging included included
Emergency remote dial-up and tech response included included
Flexible emergency on-site response included included
System integrity checks included included
Dedicated energy manager Unavailable included
IQ EYE - web based reporting included included
IQ EYE - peripheral checks included included
Extended warranty included included
Peripheral checks using points included included
Optimiser fine tuning included included
Inclusive call-out labour charges included included
Trend Energy Manager - web based application included included
Site health check included included
Implementation of energy strategies included included
Inclusive Trend spares included included
System upgrades included included
Remote alarm monitoring included included
VSD support optional optional
Trend EnergyEYE included included
Training optional optional
 Control loop fine tuning included included
included   : Included  optional  : Optional