Environment Policy & Commitment

Building a legacy through effective environmental management

At Trend Controls we define the Scope of our ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System to be 'the sales, marketing, design, manufacture and field service management of advanced building management systems'.

Within this scope we are committed to continuously pursue opportunities to reduce our consumption of resources, to avoid waste and to comply with all environmental legislation, regulatory and corporate requirements in order to protect the environment. We continually support the users of our Building Energy Management Systems reduce their energy cosumption and CO2 emissions.

We are committed to achieve this by

  • Minimising the impact on the environment of new products, processes and projects by analysing aspects of those new developments prior to implementation.
  • Ensuring operations continue to be carried out in accordance with compliance obligations by periodically reviewing those obligations and correcting any non-conformities arising in a timely fashion.
  • Periodically re-evaluating the environmental impact of our activities and apply control measures, objectives or targets to those activities that are deemed significant.
  • Making our employees environmentally aware and provide relevant environmental training to those employees whose actions can have a significant impact on the environment.
  • Seeking continual improvement of our environmental performance to prevent waste and pollution.
  • Clearly and efficiently communicating our environmental policy and performance on a regular basis and encouraging feedback.
  • Regularly reviewing the environmental policy to ensure that it is updated to reflect any changes to the business processes/activities and its environmental management performance.

The Location Management Team at Trend, which has ulitmate responsibility for environmental management, fully endorse this policy and its effective implementation.

Lionel Caillat  - General Manager - Building Control Systems​​​​​​​