Trend Managed Support

Balancing effective building operation with sustainable energy management can be hugely time consuming....

.. now Trend have the answer. Firstly, Trend has a multitude of energy products and solutions which enable you to manage and control your estate and additionally there is now Trend Managed Support where Trend
manage these solutions on your behalf.

When determining strategies for effective management of an entire estate from a central location, a huge amount of data is required. Much of this is available directly from the Building Energy Management System, which provides energy and building performance data in conjunction with site specific and external data to provide enterprise level reporting. Combining all this knowledge for effective analysis and informed decisions is the only way to ensure you derive maximum benefit from your BEMS.

With Trend Managed Support, our experts provide continuous analysis of the Trend BEMS control philosophy and strategies, making necessary adjustments on site remotely, meaning no disruption of day to day operations. These changes are then monitored through the suite of Trend tools to understand and report upon energy consumption impact and to maintain the integrity of the building performance criteria.

Bespoke reports
Using data collected by Trend products such as Trend Energy Manager, IQ EYE & 963 Supervisor, the Trend energy experts then create bespoke, detailed reports for effective, site-wide management - giving you complete peace of mind.

Trend Managed Support
Managed Support by Trend provides you with complete peace of mind. We ensure effective estate-wide reporting and management, using a proven methodology to maximise the effectiveness of the investment made in a Trend BEMS.

1. Data Acquisition
• Automatic collection of BEMS data from site utilising Trend’s remote connectivity solutions
• Manual collection of additional site data relevant to the operation, e.g. customer footfall, manufacturing cycles, etc.
• Collection of generic data from other sources e.g. weather information

2. Analysis
Trend Energy Experts apply a suite of tools which analyse and correlate information on Trend BEMS, energy consumption, client specific operations and 3rd party data to provide essential information for efficient analysis.

3. Reporting
Reporting is bespoke to meet your requirements and can be delivered at pre-determined, flexible intervals. Reports provide information on site energy consumption normalised against all influencing factors. Performance of the Trend BEMS and associated plant are also reported which can be used as part of an audit process to understand and measure the effectiveness of 3rd party contractors and service providers.

4. Enhance
Implementation of control strategies to provide improvements in site operation and energy performance based upon current best practices or to rectify inherent strategy deficiencies. Activities include energy saving initiatives e.g. TRIADS and providing expert advice on specific improvements that can be initiated that currently fall outside the scope of the Trend BEMS.

5. Periodic Review & Solution Development
Face to face performance review meetings with a specialist assigned to your estate to develop next step actions and future strategies.