Trend EnergyEYE

Building owners and users now want an exact and up-to-date picture of a building’s energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Trend EnergyEYE is a software application that provides a dynamic view of a building’s energy performance. The application has been designed to be delivered on to a large format monitor and viewed in high traffic areas.

Often located within a reception area or other communal space, the eye-catching display will be a highly visible reminder to building occupants that their actions have environmental consequences – and it will thus encourage more energy conscious behaviour. Importantly, it will also allow an organization to demonstrate to stakeholders its commitment to CO2 reduction and the impact of its energy saving strategies.

Trend EnergyEYE
Is designed to access utility data stored within the Trend Building Energy Management System (BEMS) and displays a continually updated record of the current day’s gas and electricity usage, plus consumption for the previous month and year to date. Alongside each value is its CO2 equivalent in metric tons; a traffic light system shows at a glance whether the level is on, below or above userdefined targets.

Monthly utility consumption trends are displayed on line graphs or bar charts. Individual screen pages can be provided for multiple buildings or for different floors or areas within the same premises – as long as the appropriate sub-metering is in place.
Trend EnergyEYE demonstrates your commitment to improving a building’s performance and its impact on the environment to building occupants and visitors alike, and can be customised to represent your organisation.

More than just BEMS information
Trend EnergyEYE software will run on a standard PC which can then be connected to a wall-mounted LCD monitor.  The display is automatically sized to the dimensions of the monitor’s screen.

In addition to utility and emissions data, the display can incorporate scrolling text and a video, either or both of which could be used to explain an organisation’s environmental policies, energy saving plans and green achievements.

What do you need?

The building’s BEMS must be equipped with a 963 Supervisor (with an SQL server), which is the standard operator interface used with Trend systems. This collects and stores the meter readings and sends them as XML files to the Trend EnergyEYE. Though the latter could run on the same computer as the 963, it would generally be loaded on a separate PC and would connect to the 963 Supervisor via the office IT network or other Ethernet link.

Trend EnergyEYE is easy to configure and customise to user requirements, with rapid set up and subsequent changing of all parameters, options and other application data. These include CO2 conversion factors, emission performance thresholds, consumption units, page cycle times and display layouts, headings and graph titles.

The Trend EnergyEYE information

1. Trend EnergyEye can be customised to include company logos and alternative layouts

2. The screen is easily configured to provide data on multiple sites or locations

3. Movies files (.flv) can be played on the screen to increase the impact of the information on display

4. The scrolling text area displays user defined text which can be easily updated in the set up wizard

5. Traffic light visual indication providing building occupants with an instant view of how well the site is performing against set targets

6. Graphical data displaying performance trends

7. Any metered data logged in the BEMS can be displayed