A web based system that remotely interacts with Trend IQ controllers to diagnose and highlight system issues before they become a problem.

IQ controllers perform their functions automatically day in and day out and can continue to do so year after year. However, without regular servicing and maintenance, their performance will begin to suffer with the end result being increased building operating costs and reduced occupant comfort. Traditionally, system servicing has required a scheduled maintenance programme with a specialist engineer visiting site to address any issues identified by the building owner.
Trend’s IQEYE remote monitoring can diagnose and highlight potential performance issues early before costly equipment failures occur. By focusing the attention upon those areas performing badly, service engineer visits will be targeted, productive and efficient.

IQEYE Benefits

  • Reduced system downtime and occupant disruption
  • Close monitoring of critical systems
  • Users can quickly see where problems exist and prioritise the appropriate action via ‘traffic light’ indicators
  • Reduces energy waste and CO2 emissions

IQEYE will not replace the need for site visits but it does mean that an engineers’ time spent on-site will be more targeted and focused on areas that have been identified as performing poorly.