Getting the most from your BEMS

Apr 06, 2010

A Trend Building Energy Management System is capable of highly energy efficient control of a building’s heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting. But is your Trend BEMS saving you as much energy as it should or could be? As both public and private sector organisations come under mounting legislative, financial and stakeholder pressure to reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions, it is now more important than ever to know the answer to this question.


Fortunately, the Trend Energy Audit service provides a simple and cost-effective way both to assess and improve the performance of your BEMS. It also aims to reveal how the system might be developed in order to increase energy savings still further.


The many audits so far performed by Trend’s team of specialist engineers have shown that energy savings as high as 25% are often possible through simple corrective actions involving little or no cost – such as resetting temperature setpoints that have been changed unnecessarily or adjusting plant operating times to properly reflect a building’s occupation patterns. Other easily implemented measures might include disabling manual overrides or refining control strategies.


Changes of this sort would usually be made actually during the survey visit, thereby producing instant energy savings. The cost of the survey would typically be recovered in a matter of months.


Trend audits are very thorough and look beyond the immediate savings that can be made simply by re-optimising the controls or making other minor adjustments. They are also likely to produce recommendations for more significant additions or changes to the BEMS. These will generally entail matching control of the building services more closely with demand. For example, particularly large savings can be made by fitting variable speed drives on pump and fan motors or by greater zoning of a building to allow more areas to be independently controlled.


Trend always presents a fully-costed business case for any such recommendations, giving predicted savings and projected payback on investment.


A Trend energy audit can both provide a quick win on savings and unlock the full potential of your BEMS. Though other ways of cutting your buildings’ energy usage and carbon footprint should not of course be ignored, few if any are likely to have such an immediate effect or make a bigger impact.


To arrange an audit contact: energy.supportsolutions@trendcontrols.com