Made in the UK: award-winning manufacturing in Horsham   

Trend Control Systems has been manufacturing in the UK for decades and continues to deliver high-quality products from its award-winning facility in Horsham, UK. We spoke to Mark Chaplin, Trend’s Integrated Supply Chain Leader, to find out more about Trend’s manufacturing pedigree.


Made in the UK


As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), Trend has a distribution and support network covering over 50 countries. Mark Chaplin is proud of the role his team plays in this success and explains, “Being ‘Made in Britain’ is still seen as a mark of quality throughout the world. I want us to continue to be an exemplar of UK based manufacturing by encouraging a culture of innovation –  ‘we’ve always done it this way’ is the last thing I want to hear!”  


Mark and his team are based at Trend’s Horsham facility, which builds and internationally ships more than 250,000 products each year. It has benefitted from ongoing investment from parent company, Honeywell which in May 2019 will see a New $800K Automated Surface Mount line installed to further enhance the factory capability. The Horsham Factory was awarded Honeywell’s Factory of the Year accolade in 2017, in addition to its prestigious Silver Excellence award. Industry recognition in the form of Manufacturing Construction and Manufacturing Excellence awards were also forthcoming in 2016.


UK manufacturing has weathered a few storms in recent decades, and the most successful manufacturers in the UK are the ones able to out-compete cheap overseas labour by making high-end products and inventing new, more efficient manufacturing techniques. Trend is one of them.


High quality at high speed


“Everything Trend manufactures is made to order and shipped within two working days in the UK. Because of this ability to produce and deliver swiftly, Trend’s Partners have no need to hold on to stock thanks to our 48-hour turnaround”, explains Mark.


Confidence in the quality and reliability of your BEMS is vital, and Trend’s robust processes across its manufacturing operation mean that the failure rate is extremely low. It’s this commitment to quality that means Trend’s Partners and customers can ‘fit and forget’ a Trend product. In fact, Trend is so confident in the quality of its products that it offers an extended 5 year warranty.


The company’s market leading returns policy means that in the unlikely event a product needs to be returned, a replacement will be shipped within 48 hours, completely free of charge.


Maintaining excellence


Trend’s commitment to excellence is woven through the company’s operations.


Mark explains: “Being a world-class manufacturing operation relies upon meeting the highest standards, managing working capital effectively, working closely with suppliers and optimising internal processes.


“We make sure we’re continually developing across the whole manufacturing process, so we can stay one step ahead at all times and provide the best possible service and products to our customers.”


To find out more about Trend’s manufacturing capabilities please email: or call the Trend team on 01403 211888



Published  on  26/02/2019  by  Jenny Morris
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