Spring forward and adjust your BEMS!   

One thing that won't be changing after 29th March is our bi-annual switch of the clocks!

That's right, sunny days are here again  (hopefully) as Sunday 31st March heralds the arrival of the much anticipated British Summer Time (BST).  

Make sure that your BEMS has been adjusted to account for the clocks going forward. April is a great time to spring clean a BEMS and check operating times and setpoints.

Incorrect operating times and setpoints are two of the biggest contributing factors to energy wastage but the good news is that they are amongst the easiest problems to address and will make instant savings.

A BEMS should be seen as both a control system and a reporting tool. When it comes to the latter, it is ideally suited to monitoring and verification, the absence of which can result in the activities not being properly reported.

So, adjust and sit back and enjoy the next few months ahead.


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For more information about getting your BEMS ready for spring, please email: marketing@trendcontrols.com or call the Trend team on 01403 211888



Published  on  12/03/2019  by  Jenny Morris
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