IQ®4 Hand/Off/Auto (HOA) modules: Saving energy, time and money   

The IQ®4 Hand/Off/Auto (HOA) modules, launched by Trend Control Systems at the end of 2018, have been designed for ease of use for all operators.

Coupled with its straightforward usability is a focus on saving energy, having been designed to give a clear indication of when the plant is overridden.


David Field, product manager at Trend, explains: “Plant that is overridden and runs for eight hours a day could use up to three times as much energy. Therefore, in order to prevent wastage, the HOA modules offer various methods of indicating status.


“When a channel is overridden the button flashes, providing a clear indication that there is something that needs investigating. Additionally, an alarm can be configured on each channel so, when the override button is pressed, notification arrives at a Trend 963 Supervisor or IQ®VISION user interface.


“Finally, it is possible to provide indication of the status and value of the override on a 963 Supervisor or IQ®VISION schematic, so that it is clear on the page if any plant is being overridden.


“All of these features mean that overridden plant will be investigated and set back to automatic and efficient control, maximising energy savings in the process."


Watch our short video, and learn more about Trend’s IQ®4 H/O/A modules by CLICKING HERE.

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Published  on  26/03/2019  by  Jenny Morris
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