Train​i​n​g​ ​FA​Qs

Training Portal

What is the Training Portal?

How do I book training?

Do I need to register for the Training Portal or can I use my Pnet log in?

Is the Training Portal available outside the UK?

Currently, the Training Portal is only av​ailble​ in the UK. It will be launched to selected International countries in early 2018.

Is the Training Portal compatible on all devices?

If I encounter a problem with the Training Portal, who can I contact? 

As a manager, am I able to view all of my engineers training in one view? 

Is e-Learning available on the Training Portal?

The T​rai​ning Academy

Am I eligible for Trend Training? 

Will I be charged if I cancel my course booking?

How do I cancel my course booking? 

Where do you offer classroom training? 

Can I book multiple spaces on a training course?


Do you offer an apprenticeship scheme?