OEM Partners

Working with a Trend OEM Partner provides several benefits to customers.

Firstly, by having the controller factory fitted with manufactured control strategy ensures the OEMs equipment opporates in the most effcient manner, extending the life of the equipment whilst reducing energy consumption.

Secondly, the controllers flexibility means that for retrofit projects where existing Trend equipment is installed linking products together is very striaghtforward. Trends policy of backward compatibility means that all new controllers will communicate with existing controllers. It also means anything installed today will work with future products.

Thirdly, a range of communication networks and open standards eg BACnet, Ethernet provides customers even greater choice and flexibility.

Finally should customers wish to integrate their Trend compatible equipment with a new or existing Trend BEMS then linking could not be easier, once networked inter-controller communications can be set to exchange data around the system, building the OEM equipment into a fully integrated central system.   


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