IQ Assured Energy provides you with the capability to unlock the full potential of the Building Energy Management System as a powerful tool to proactively identify and implement energy saving opportunities.

iMAT -Energy monitoring and targeting

The IQ Assured Bureau’s iMAT system is an on-line software package that automatically collects and analyses utility meter readings and other data monitored by the customer’s BEMS. It is able to constantly compare actual and expected energy usage profiles and generate exception reports identifying incidences of energy waste. The iMAT system also allows clients to directly access energy performance data over the internet.

Energy survey

A survey involves a thorough assessment of the customer’s site and BEMS by Trend energy specialists, who then recommend improvements that will reduce HVAC plant running costs. This can often involve little or no capital expenditure. Surprisingly large energy savings can often be made simply by adjusting system settings or modifying the control strategy.


Plus all the features of IQ Assured ENHANCED support level:

Peripheral equipment checks

Good control depends heavily on the correct functioning of a system ’s peripheral devices and equipment. Checks carried out by the engineer will identify problems such as sensor mis-calibration, malfunctioning of actuators, faulty cables and plant control in manual override.

Control Loop Fine Tuning

Careful adjustment to a control loop will ensure consistent system performance, which will eliminate energy wastage by improving efficiency and provide a stable comfortable environment.

Inclusive call-out labour charges

IQ Assured Enhanced includes the full cost of an engineer’s time while faultfinding, so there are never any extra labour costs to pay for rectifying genuine BEMS problems.


Plus all the features of IQ Assured ESSENTIAL support level:

24 Hour Dedicated Bureau Service Centralised Logging of all Calls

Skilled assistance is just a single, phone call away. All calls are to a central number and are logged and monitored by a modern service management system. To allow response times to be calculated, each call is assigned a unique reference number.

24 Hour Emergency Remote Dial Up Response

Whether reported by phone or an automatically transmitted alarm, a great many BEMS faults can be fixed remotely, the engineer interrogating and adjusting the system via a modem link or over the Internet. Trend always aims to respond within two hours of a call or alarm being logged.

24 Hour Emergency On Site Response

When a fault requires a site visit, the engineer will arrive within a previously agreed response time that meets the customer’s needs and budget. The engineer logs time spent on site on a hand-held data communications device.

System Data Backup

The regular backup of system controller and supervisor files ensures a rapid return to normal operation should data be lost or corrupted. If this is not done the system may have to undergo lengthy and expensive re-commissioning.

System Integrity Checks

Integrity scans are performed using specialist Trend software tools and highlight hidden problems that could affect system performance. Checking controller batteries is also part of this service.

Extended Warranty Cover (on new Trend Manufactured Equipment)

For new Trend BEMS projects and system extensions the warranty cover will be increased by a further 12 months FREE OF CHARGE. This applies to all new equipment, when a support agreement is purchased at the time of installation.


Additional support options:

Inclusive spare parts  The cost of replacing faulty BEMS parts is included in the contract.

System upgrades

Replacing a system's older controllers with models that are more up-to-date will add functionality and improve performance. This option provides a planned upgrade path for specific Trend controllers, each product being assigned a buy-back value that can be offset against the cost of a replacement.

Remote alarm monitoring

Alarms are automatically transmitted to the IQ Assured Bureau, where they are logged and actioned as specified by the Support Agreement. Before this service is put in place a rationalisation exercise is performed to prioritise critical alarms.


Support  Variable Speed Drives provide excellent energy savings. Regular checks will ensure that they are operating at their maximum efficiency.