IQ3xcite Controller

mai 01, 2008

Trend has made two cost-cutting product developments relating to its IQ3xcite controller. One is a new version of the controller with an input/output capacity of 128 points – up from the previous maximum of 96. The other is a high-density, 16 input module (8 digital/8 thermistor), the latest addition to the range of add-on i/o that is used with the IQ3xcite.

The new version of the IQ3xcite will often make it possible to reduce the number of controllers that are needed for a particular building control application, thus lowering system costs. Since there has been no increase in controller size, the 128pt model may also allow a reduction in control panel size,
thereby enabling a further cost saving.

The new module has been introduced to cater for the large number of applications where the majority of temperature sensors are of the thermistor type. Importantly, this 16-point unit has the same footprint as one of Trend’s 8pt modules, so again there is the potential for reducing panel size. Moreover, the 8di/8ti module comes at a lower price per point.

There are now 13 types of input and/or output module available for the IQ3xcite. The i/o combinations that these provide allow a Trend system to be exactly tailored to any HVAC control and monitoring requirement. Most of the modules have 8 or 4 points, though there is also another with 16, all of them digital inputs. This unit is particularly useful on systems with an extensive metering/monitoring role.