Kultur og underholdning

Underholdningslokaler har ofte svært utfordrende krav til oppvarming, ventilasjon og klimaanlegg, og et Trend-system for bygningsadministrasjon sikrer at disse systemene fungerer på en effektiv måte.
  • The Trend BMS provides close control and monitoring of environmental conditions throughout the National Gallery’s main building. In doing so it plays a vital role in preserving the Gallery’s priceless collection paintings.
  • It has taken just a year for the Isle of Man’s National Sports Centre to recoup the £41000 cost of fitting Trend NX variable speed drives on 20 of its pump and fan motors, an action which has cut the site’s electricity usage by 17%.
  • The installation by JBC Controls of a variable speed drive and Trend IQ3xcite controller on the building’s air handler has produced annual electricity and gas savings of over £25,000 – for an outlay of just £9,500.
  • The Trend BMS maintains optimum comfort conditions for the lowest possible energy consumption.
  • The elephants, hippos and giraffes at Copenhagen Zoo are being provided with the latest in wild animal accommodation. The environment within their plush new living quarters will be regulated by Trend controls.
  • In the elephant house at Vienna Zoo the underfloor heating is closely controlled – just one of many critical tasks performed by the zoo’s Trend building management system
  • Trend control package comprising an IQ intelligent controller, ten NX variable speed drives and a TimeMaster unit that synchronises the IQ to an atomic clock time signal
  • Plot a course to the new National Space Centre in Leicester and you’re likely to find yourself exploring alien worlds, chasing after comets and disappearing into black holes.
  • In the following 12 months it reduced boiler gas usage by 1,548,642kWh (degree day corrected), a saving of £27,240
  • Showcase Cinemas Dudley has 14 state-of-the-art, air-conditioned auditoriums, all with stadium style seating and featuring the latest in sound reproduction technology.
  • Marston’s Inns and Taverns manage over 550 pubs throughout England and Wales from a base in Wolverhampton.
  • Prior to last year's Commonwealth Games, England's successful swimming squad honed their performances in a new £7 million, 50m pool at Loughborough University.
  • Two Sussex arts centres are among the first to experience the benefits of Trend’s new IQ3xcite controller.
  • The building’s novel eutectic thermal storage system was designed by Ove Arup & Partners and provides the main source of both heating and cooling.
  • Contact - a theatre for young people - has recently been transformed by a Lottery-funded redevelopment and expansion programme.