Arfrisol, Spain

feb 05, 2009

Energy Efficiency of Building R&D Unit – CIEMAT. Madrid. Spain

The Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (MEC) is promoting a singular strategic project called ARFRISOL which stands for
Bioclimatic Architecture and Solar Active Cooling. This strategic project plans to save up to 60% office building energy demand by means of passive techniques and reduce conventional energy consumption to only 10-20% of the usual consumption with active solar devices: solar thermal collectors for heating and cooling and photovoltaic panels for electricity.

They intend to demonstrate that an important part of conventional energy could be saved with a few bioclimatic strategies and the right working process at the very first conception level of the project. After the end of PSE-ARFRISOL, this method and its conclusions could be used as reference by architects and constructors to build efficient energy buildings.

PSE-ARFRISOL is organised in 9 subprojects (SP’s), 5 of which are office buildings (Demonstration and Research Building Prototypes– DRBP) in different climate areas of Spain, using different strategies for each place of the Spanish geography and climate conditions.

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