Służba zdrowia

Systemy zarządzania budynkami firmy Trend są zainstalowane w wielu największych i znanych szpitalach należących do państwowego systemu opieki zdrowotnej (National Health Service), a także w wielu mniejszych budynkach, m.in. w ośrodkach zdrowia, klinikach i przychodniach lekarzy rodzinnych.

Uniwersalna technologia BMS firmy Trend jest najpopularniejszym rozwiązaniem tego typu w sektorze służby zdrowia. Niektóre z instalacji działają prawidłowo od ponad dwudziestu lat.

  • Trend creates a comfortable and safe environment at Bournville Gardens.
  • When Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust wanted to make its ventilation systems more efficient and effective it asked Trend to configure its BEMS to maintain air quality and save money.
  • Castle Hill faced challenges keeping a water supply under control on a large scale. However, through the innovative use of a BEMS from Trend, they have overcome this issue.
  • Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is leading the way in risk mitigation and compliance through the innovative use of a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) from Trend Control Systems.
  • In order to enhance services provided to their outlying clinics and departments, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust invested in a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) from Trend Control Systems.
  • When Manchester’s Saint Mary's Hospital needed a monitoring system that could control the temperature conditions in its Department of Reproductive Medicine it called on Detail Design Engineering to configure a system using products from Trend Controls.
  • A site-wide BMS incorporates every generation of Trend IQ controller so far developed, all working together as an integrated, centrally managed system
  • The Trend BMS at Sweden’s Halmstad Hospital features every generation of IQ controller.
  • The IQ251 provides close, automatic control and monitoring of Provincial House’s two oil-fired boilers, domestic water booster system and main system pumps, plus 12 pumps and three zone valves
  • For a group of four hospitals in Italy, the adaptability and ease of expansion of Trend building controls have proved very important features.
  • Today 32 network-linked IQs form a system that controls and monitors most of the HVAC services, including all the heating in the 3-storey main block.
  • Configured to perform a wide range of close control and monitoring functions, the system has also been designed so that maintenance can be carried out easily and without causing disruption.
  • A recently opened ‘one-stop’ health centre in Church Road in London’s East End is the first of hundreds of new facilities that will be built under the NHS’s pioneering LIFT initiative.
  • Control and monitoring functions are performed by network-linked Trend IQ outstations.
  • Charing Cross Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, has achieved significant annual gas and electricity savings over a 12 month period by implementing various energy saving initiatives.