AUCHAN in Szczecin

AUCHAN in Szczecin

The Trend Partner PRODAM has recently installed IQ3xcite controllers into the AUCHAN shopping centre.

Located in the North-West of Poland the shopping centre covers over 10.000 m2 (Auchan market + 50 smaller shops).

Through a combination of Trend, Ethernet and LON all HVAC applications are under Trend's control via a 963 Supervisor. The chillers are linked via an IQ3/XNC interface controller.

The IQ3xcite controller incorporates a web server which, if ethernet is connected, can deliver user specific web pages to a PC or mobile device running internet browser software. If a system is set up with the correct connections, a user with the appropriate security codes can monitor or adjust the controller from any Internet access point in the world.

The 963 is a powerful, real time user interface for the building control system. It enables the user to monitor plant or building services, and makes changes to the way the building is controlled from a graphical display.

For more information please contact:-

Damian Kaczmarek

ul. Mazowiecka 72/86
87-100 Torun

Ph: +48 56 661 45 45