Bulletin 84: CO2 Sensors

The new range of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sensors include combined Relative Humidity (RH) measurement and a local display at the sensor. This is part of a package of monitoring solutions aimed to provide practical and reliable solutions for energy management through demand control of ventilation (DCV) systems in buildings.

CO2 based DCV, in particular natural ventilation, is a proven, economical means of providing fresh air to occupied spaces based on real-time occupancy. It is particularly suitable for environments with disruptive patterns of use such as retail, education and entertainment establishments.

As well as replacement variants for the existing space and duct sensors, the new range of CO2 wall mounting space sensors are  available with an optional RH sensor in the same unit, thus providing three measurements: Temperature (T), RH and CO2 from one sensor housing. There's also a new optional LCD screen on the sensor housing providing a rolling display of local measurements of ºC, %RH and ppm.

The 5 NEW C02 Sensor range includes:

  • CO2/T/D - Duct mount CO2 and T sensor - replaces CO2+T/D
  • CO2/T/S - Wall mount CO2 and T sensor - replaces CO2+T/S
  • CO2/T/H/S - Wall mount CO2, T and RH sensor
  • CO2/T/DISP/S - Wall mount CO2 ,T and LCD display
  • CO2/T/H/DISP/S - Wall mount CO2, T, RH and LCD display

A proven Non Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) system with an auto-calibration procedure using two IR-sources ensures that any drift in the measuring source is compensated for, ensuring long-term accuracy and stability.

Key Benefits:

  • Offer an extended range of sensing solutions
  • A single box solution for measurement and display of room T, %RH and CO2 ppm
  • Energy reduction through the deployment of DCV
  • Aid the attentiveness and performance of students in learning environments

To view the technical details for these new sensors please take a look at the data-sheet on the Trend Partner -Net website.