Bulletin 89: EMIC M-Bus

EMIC M-Bus, an easy to configure metering interface which is designed for utility metering, in particular energy meters - specialist training, software or tools are not required

This adds to our existing range of metering and interfacing devices, namely the EMIC MODBus, XNC3 and TONN devices.

The EMIC M-Bus has a selection of the most common M-Bus meters pre-programmed. Meters are selected from a drop down menu and for each meter type there are a number of points pre-defined. The EMIC M-Bus appears as a Trend LAN with each meter displaying as a Trend controller - the data appears as Trend Sensors with Plots & Alarms.

This makes the EMIC quick to commission therefore reducing engineering costs on-site.

Standard meters include:

  • Sontex SA Supercal 531 (v13), Supercal 539 (v2)
  • ABB DELTAsingle (v16), DELTAplus (v6)
  • Kamstrup Multical 401, Multical 402 (v2), Multical 601 (v7), Multical 601, Kamstrup 162 (Jx3), Kamstrup 382 (Jx3)
  • Landis and Gyr Ultraheat 2WR5 (v2), Ultraheat 2WR6 (v3), Utraheat UH50 (v2)
  • Viterra Sensonic II (v72), Pulsonic II (v72), Istameter mbus
  • Trend HMM (v67)
  • Hydrometer Ray (v67), Sharky 773 (v46)
  • Itron Actaris CF51
  • WDV/Molliné SensoStar2 (v14)

There are 3 product variants, upto 3 meters, upto 10 meters and upto 20 meters. Please use the following codes when ordering

For more information including prices please contact your Trend Business Manager.