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  • EMIC M-Bus, an easy to configure metering interface which is designed for utility metering, in particular energy meters - specialist training, software or tools are not required. This adds to Trend's existing range of metering and interfacing devices, namely the EMIC MODBus, XNC3 and TONN devices.
  • A web-based energy management package for users of the Trend building energy management system (BEMS). Trend Energy Manager is a powerful tool for highlighting and investigating energy waste within a building.
  • IQeco product shot
    IQeco is Trend’s newest and, as its name suggests, most efficient range of terminal unit controllers is now available. Building on the success of the IQL range, these cutting-edge controllers offer higher capacity, greater flexibility and more inputs and outputs than other similar sized terminal unit controllers.
  • The new range of Trend Variable Speed Drives (VSD) are now available. One of the most compact drives on the market. It is easy to mount on a wall or in an enclosure, even with limited space. It's 'bookshelf' design allows side-by-side installation in tight spaces where space is a premium. The range starts at 3.3 Amps and scales to 310 Amps. These are available in IP21 and IP54 and meets the latest harmonic standard EN 61000-3-12. Using the latest technology, they are easy to use, puts you in control and, above all, designed to substantially reduce costs.
  • Trend has introduced an intelligent window control package that can be fully integrated within its building energy management systems in order to maximise the benefits of natural ventilation. The use of MotorLinkTM technology allows window position to be controlled and monitored with unrivalled accuracy, as well as providing near silent operation and enhanced levels of safety and security.
  • Trend's new range of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sensors will be available include combined Relative Humidity (RH) measurement, Temperature and a local display at the sensor. This is part of a package of monitoring solutions aimed to provide practical and reliable solutions for energy management through demand control of ventilation (DCV) systems in buildings.
  • The Trend heat-meters are part of a package of energy solutions aimed to provide practical and reliable solutions for energy management across all non-residential properties and estates as well as for community district heating programmes. They are also suitable for fiscal billing applications as they are certified with the appropriate requirements of the EN 1434 European standard for thermal energy metering and the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID).
  • Trend Connect is a remote connectivity solution that uses the 3G and GPRS mobile networks to provide secure and reliable Ethernet connectivity across the globe. Providing a remote Ethernet connection to any Trend BEMS is now very easily achieved, without the need for either a broadband line or use of an organisation’s core IT network.
  • The Trend Open Network Node (TONN) is a Trend network device that enables the Trend system to interface with 3rd party systems such as BACnet, LONWORKS®, Mbus, MODBUS, SNMP, and KNX. It utilises the NiagaraAX Framework® for the integration of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems and non-HVAC systems (e.g. lighting) in a building.
  • The new XNC3 Drivers provide a simple, low-cost means of interfacing to building services products, such asVariable Speed Drives and the controls fitted on boilers, chillers and split air conditioning units using Modbus and Mbus ‘open’ protocols.