Bulletin 87: IQeco

Trend's newest and most efficient terminal unit controller

IQeco is Trend’s newest and, as its name suggests, most efficient range of terminal unit controllers. Building on the success of the IQL range, these cutting-edge controllers offer higher capacity, greater flexibility and more inputs and outputs than other similar sized terminal unit controllers.

This freely programmable and fixed function range of controllers can be used in a wide range of applications from a simple fan coil to the most complex individual room control.

UP TO 60% More energy efficient
IQeco incorporates energy efficient EUBAC approved control strategies, together with new energy related strategy modules, including a virtual metering function. The IQeco 230v is up to 60% more power efficient than equivalent controllers on the market.

Cost effective
The range offers a choice of three different models, in which the hardware and firmware options vary according to the level of control required. This means that you can select the exact control and flexibility that you require, making these controllers extremely cost effective.

Easy to install
By incorporating pre-written strategies, barcode scanning, and new commissioning tools Trend has made it very easy to install and commission IQeco controllers. They are also fully compatible with legacy Trend systems.

Flexible for the future
If more features are required at a later stage, the IQeco controller can be field upgraded, such as unlocking a fixed unit to be programmable. The range of controllers also communicates using the BACnet protocols therefore offering flexible integration options.

If you need a terminal unit controller that is energy efficient, cost effective, quick and easy to install and has the flexibility to adapt as your requirements change, look no further than the new iQeco range.