Market Sectors

Trend systems are to be found in virtually every type of non-residential building, from schools, hospitals and leisure facilities to office blocks, shops and factories. Suitable for the largest building complexes and multi-site applications, they are still cost-effective in even very small premises.

A small sample of our site installations are included below, please ensure you have Adobe Acrobat running or available.

  • Entertainment facilities often have highly demanding requirements for their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, a Trend building management system ensures that these systems operate effectively and efficiently.
  • In the modern commercial environment Trend building management systems play a key role in satisfying the aspirations of developer, tenant and owner-occupier.
  • As some of the world’s largest consumers of energy, data centres are under enormous pressure to reduce the amount of power they use. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that energy management is high on the agendas of owners and managers of these facilities.
  • Further and Higher Education institutions are finding energy and other utility costs having a progressively greater impact on their expenditure.
  • Trend building management systems have been installed in many of the National Health Service’s largest and best-known hospitals, as well as a huge number of its smaller premises, including health centres, clinics and GP surgeries.
  • Trend building management systems are to be found in hotels across the globe, with users including such leading groups as Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental, Holiday Inn and SAS Radisson and internationally famous names like the London Ritz and the Savoy.
  • Keeping site services running to meet the demands of a manufacturing plant whilst ensuring running costs are kept to a minimum is critical in the competitive arena of manufacturing industry. Trend building management systems put energy control and management in to the hands of the facilities team.
  • Military bases are generally large with numerous buildings spread disparately over the estate with a wide range of functions ranging from catering to heavy engineering; the versatility and flexibility of Trend building management systems makes the ideal solution the varied control system requirements.
  • High-Tech manufacturing facilities frequently place onerous demands on environmental conditions in order to ensure production quality is not compromised, Trend building management systems co-ordinate facilities and services to deliver the standards demanded.
  • Retailers are large consumers of energy for lighting, heating and refrigeration, making the rising costs of energy is a major concern that needs to be addressed; a Trend building management system is a key tool in managing energy consumption whilst maintaining a pleasant shopping environment.
  • Stadia are more than just sports arenas; they often include indoor training facilities, conference and banqueting facilities as well as executive viewing facilities; all requiring close control of environmental conditions with high degree of flexibility in usage patterns.
  • The management and business integration of alarms from nationwide networks of critical infrastructure premises such as switch sites and data centres is another of the varied applications of Trend building management systems; employed to identify faults, and deploy remedial responses thus minimising operational disruption.
  • Modern passenger terminals are complex amenities providing the traveller with a wide array of facilities around the clock throughout every day of the year. Management and monitoring of the services serving these facilities with a Trend building management system assures minimum running costs and maximum availability.