Trend Energy Audit

Keeping control of rising energy costs whilst maintaining comfort is a demanding challenge for any business. However, it’s no longer on a corporate wish list but has become an expectation.

A multitude of variables can affect the running costs of a building, many of which are fixed with little or no scope for energy savings. Effective control of building services, such as adjusting control system settings, can provide surprisingly large cost savings with little or no investment.

In order to ascertain what can be achieved, it is important to understand the current situation within a building. A Trend Energy Controls Audit is designed to review the way a building is used, and in turn will identify energy saving opportunities.

If the building has a remote access facility, Trend can remotely collate detailed information about the way it operates. An energy engineer will meet with the facilities manager and any maintenance representative to determine local issues affecting the control of plant, site occupancy profiles and user access rights.

In many cases, adjustments can be made to the operation of the BEMS during the visit to deliver immediate savings. A comprehensive report will be submitted detailing the modifications made, any on-site issues and the expected energy savings. Where additional work is required, this can be presented as a fully costed business case. Trend can provide monitoring solutions which will measure and verify further savings achieved. Data is collected either automatically through the BEMS or directly from the site’s Code 5 meter (electricity billing meter), including metered energy and plant and environment data.

The Energy Controls Audit report provides clients with findings following the on-site survey undertaken by a Trend Energy Engineer. It also incorporates findings from any remote analysis that would have been completed prior to the site visit.

The report also details modifications and savings that were made on the day of the visit by the Energy Engineer, and includes recommendations to facilitate further quantified improvements. The content of the reports breakdown as follows:

1. Executive Summary
Top level results providing an overview of the Trend Controls Energy Audit

2. Financial Information
Detailed financial summary to enable analysis & investment decisions

3. Management Information
An overview of operational issues that have been rectified & their energy impact

4. Environmental Information
Impact of the Controls Energy Audit in relation to current environmental information and legislation

5. Trend Energy Engineers Report
Detailed report covering operational issues & remedial works undertaken during the on-site Trend Controls Energy Audit

6. Recommendation Review
A prioritised summary of energy based adjustments made and further investment opportunities to realise greater energy savings

7. Reference Material
Documentation supporting the findings of the Trend Controls Energy Audit