IQVISION v2.2 is now available


IQ®VISION ​2.2 is now available. There are many new and exciting features to look forward to in 2.2. Listed below is a teaser of some of the headline features

Headline Benefit Customer Need Product Feature

Simplified Operation

Minimise time on site diagnosing issues

Operate the estate with fewer people with limited HVAC system knowledge

Reduce the time they have to interact with the system

Guaranteed resolution of system issues quickly with minimal effort

Points List View

Alarm App for mobile phone users - Via the Cloud

Simplified Engineering

Reduce set up and design time

Increase the VARs efficiency

Multiple point binding

2D graphics library

Driver discovery enhancements

Simplified licensing steps

Increased Performance and Capacity

Ensure system security and integrity

Scalable solution

Visibility of many systems (integration)

Encrypted site connection

Multiple site connection

BACnet certification

OPC UA Client/Server

Make sure to keep checking this page, as we will be releasing much more information about IQ®VISION 2.2 as we approach the release date. Check out Trend's LinkedIn and Twitter as well, as we will also be teasing out the most up to date information about IQ®VISION there.

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