IQVISION analytics delivers a ‘smarter’ estate, providing impactful insights and enabling actions such as alerts, cost analysis and energy reporting from the raw data – helping you to manage your estate effectively and ensuring your buildings are even more energy efficient.

You can organise your data more easily, apply one change across multiple points for rapid deployment of settings and customise views to suit your organisational needs. A flexible tool kit of services exists, all of which are designed put you in control of an effective and efficient building or estate.

  • ​Smart Alerts - Alarms focusing on the root cause rather than the resulting effect of an issue
  • Cost Analysis - By assigning costs to equipent operation, the facility manager can determine equipment costs and roll this up across the estate. The cost of runnning equipment out of hours can also be highlighted.
  • Energy Reports - Standard reports that can be used to display system data, enabling Contribution, Run Time and Peak Demands to be identified. Data can also be normalised.
  • Optimised System - Analytics can help make end-user operators more effective and buildings more efficient.


If you are interested in learning more about Analytics, or any other IQVISION v2.3 feature, you can get in touch with a member of our sales team by completing the form below.​