Four seasons in one day    

I'm Daniel Harvey, Business Development Manager at Trend Control Systems and in this blog, I will look at how the good 'ol British Summer time has not disappointed.  As expected BST has brought the wind, rain, changeable temperatures and the uncertainty of 'to waterproof or not'.  Only the other evening, I told my wife she can't have the heating on in August...she can wait until September!

Therefore, because of the changeable climate and the fluctuations in temperature it is essential that building users with the ability to make temporary local adjustments within defined set-points are just one of the key benefits of a BEMS, this allows users to be in control of the own environment without the facility or energy managers having to make changes to the system (who will then have to remember to reverse changes once the weather settles back down).

It is times like these that we call on the assistance of the RD-WMB.  The RD-WMB is part of the Wallbus room module family, which has been designed to satisfy requirements at all stages of the contractual chain. 

The Wallbus room module family has features that will appeal to architects, consultants, installation engineers, commissioning engineers, facility managers and building occupants. All units in the Wallbus family are fully interchangeable allowing room/space specifications to be changed by simply changing the front plate.

We are hearing a lot on employee well-being at the moment and a well-installed Trend BEMS provides workers with a high-quality working environment.  Not only this, but a BEMS will also provide ongoing energy savings and will suit all the multifaceted demands of modern building environments.  Trend continues to lead the way in reducing the footprint of its controllers, without compromising on features.  Trend's latest IQ4E provides greater flexibility and allows users to view and adjust operating times, monitor alarms, make adjustments to controller parameters, and display graphs of logged data in order to keep track of their local conditions.

So, as we debate on picking up the factor 50 or the umbrella as we leave our homes you can rest-assured Trend has everything under control for now and the colder months ahead with our current product portfolio.

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Published  on  21/08/2017  by  Ash Mackie2
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