Roll on winter    

Once again, it is that time of year when the darker evenings greet us with gusto as we clock-off for the evening and make the journey home.  However, it is also the time of year when we do get the odd +19°C bursts that sometimes creep in when we least expect it.

You only need to look around your office to see that some colleagues are still clinging onto their summer wardrobe, and then there are the few that have fully given up on the British Summer Time and have retreated to the woollies that lurk at the back of Narnia!

This time of the year does seem to be the most frustrating for me, It's the ‘On or Off’, ‘Hot or Cold’ ‘Up or Down’ season.  The outside climate at the minute is just too unpredictable.  

However, it is worth remembering that your building doesn’t need to be like this – with a properly maintained Building Energy Management System (BEMS) your Trend IQ® controllers will remove all of the guesswork and will provide you with a worry-free outlook.  

It is without question that sensors need to be correctly positioned and in good working order, but once they are, the BEMS will constantly adjust a buildings plant ensuring its most optimal use whilst avoiding conflicts between heating and cooling requirements.

Knowing when to bring lights on as the evenings draw in can be a guessing game – so again, a correctly positioned light level sensors will ensure they are either on or off when they should be.  One thing you don't want during this season is to be kept in the dark!

Remember: Autumn is the perfect time of year to consider a BEMS audit, which will not only optimise and reset time clocks and setpoints, but also drill down to the finer details and provide guidance about implementing appropriate technologies like variable speed drives (VSDs). It is often the case that adjustments can be made to the BEMS during the audit visit itself that will deliver immediate savings, while component parts can also be checked to make sure they are working correctly.

So contact your local Trend Partner for advice  -​

Steve Browning, Partner and End Customer Marketing Communications Manager at Trend Control Systems.

Published  on  04/10/2017  by  Ash Mackie2
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15 November 2017  15:25  by Phil Wantling
Nice post. It's good to remind people that as advanced as these systems are, they still need looking after and human input.

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