Pass the sprouts please   

As we enter the season of overspending, overindulgence, wonderful surprises (hopefully) and happy faces all around, we need to ensure our buildings and building occupants enjoy the same festive cheer.

As we plan our holidays and a change in working routines we need to check that our building services have been adjusted to match – failure to do so will potentially result in a large overspend, with building services providing heating, cooling or lighting to areas that don’t require it – a little overindulgent!

So, how do you ensure the Christmas goodwill lasts until January?

A Building Energy Management System (BEMS) monitors and controls various systems in the building, gathering data from sensors such as light detectors temperature, pressure, humidity or presence within occupied areas of the building creating and retaining a comfortable indoor environment.

During the Christmas period, we as a nation will generally shut down on the 23rd of December and return on the 2nd of January (the 3rd for our Scottish friends).  This ten-day stint means that buildings could be left in normal operation mode whilst left looking like the apocalypse has arrived, resulting in a huge waste of energy. 

So how should you manage this period? 

A BEMS can make a massive difference to how energy is consumed, provided the system is configured correctly to the buildings usage requirements, making sure that vacant areas will be in an ‘unoccupied’ state rather than ‘occupied’ and that time profiles are correct is a good start, making sure portable heaters are off and sensors are clear of decorations will also help. Of course a BEMS is not just for Christmas, taking control of the building for the rest of the year will not only provides greater visibility and control of energy use but also means owners, managers and users have the ability to analyse, understand, reconfigure and improve a building's energy usage and lower costs continuously.

Failure to ensure your building is under control for the festive period could result in your finance team looking like they’ve only had sprouts for Christmas or looking like they’ve missed the Christmas pudding or looking like they’ve got the wrong end of the cracker, and we don’t want that!

Please contact your local Trend Partner to find out more -

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year from everyone here at Trend... now you can pass the sprouts…

Steve Browning, Partner and End Customer Marketing Communications Manager at Trend Control Systems. ​
Published  on  27/11/2017  by  Ash Henley
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28 November 2017  17:30  by Phil
Yep, big savings to be had at Christmas...or big expense - depending on your perspective and how well your building is controlled.

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