Back to School - your BEMS checklist for the new term   

The summer holidays tend to drag for some of us – well, except the kids of course! But, believe it or not, it’s nearly time to dust down those blazers and buy a new set of pencils, because we’re all getting ready to go ‘back to school’. We’ve put together a quick checklist to make sure you’re ready when the school bell rings…


Over the quieter summer months, it’s likely your building has been half-occupied as most people enjoy their holidays. You may – especially if you’re an educational facility – have taken the opportunity to have works carried out on the premises, and given the scorching weather we’ve had it’s highly probable that additional cooling has been introduced, or your Building Energy Management System (BEMS) may have been intentionally overridden.


So now is the perfect time to revisit your BEMS making sure it’s ready for the new term (or September, as it’s otherwise known) so the building is ready to go into the autumn and winter months.


Setting a routine is one way to take full advantage of the benefits a BEMS delivers. Setting patterns of operation enables you to carry out analysis on energy consumption to understand where any wastage is occurring, and when something isn’t operating as it should be.


Steve Browning, Trend Control Systems’ Partner Marketing Manager, explains: “Letting an end-of-summer BEMS review lapse can result in a significant waste of energy – which is no good for the environment, or for the balance sheets.


“Treating the new season as a new term is an easy way to remember to check and review your BEMS’ settings, getting it ready for the coming months. By doing so, you could save yourself time, money and energy!”


Steve’s top 5 BEMS checks are:


1.    Check all control systems are in ‘Auto’ not ‘Hand’

2.    Check all temporary cooling is removed

3.    Ensure all control time clocks are correct

4.    Check all control profiles match the desired operation of the space or building

5.    Check moved furniture - cupboards, photocopiers etc. are not blocking or affecting any controller space sensors.


These simple checks ensure your BEMS will operate at maximum efficiency.  If you would like help or advice on how to do this please contact your local Trend Approved Partner – find yours by clicking here.


Alternatively, if you would like to take advantage of a Trend Energy Audit, please email Yasar Butt at: or call 07891513239


Published  on  29/08/2018  by  James Tate
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