New Risk Assessment Report could save your business £££s   

When was the last time you gave your Building Energy Management System (BEMS) the once over? How can you be certain all the components in your system are working as well as they should?


Components in building controls systems that are in excess of 10 years old may be at the point of needing replacement – the result of which could cause significant loss of function and additional pressure on plant and equipment - not to mention the inconvenience and cost implications that come with it.


So - if your BEMS is more than 10 years old, or you're a contractor in the process of negotiating the parameters of a new project, it's time to invest in a BEMS Risk Assessment Report.


This report helps building owners and managers identify and classify the risk across their BEMS assets, providing an understanding of which assets are obsolete and which still have some manufacturer support available. The BEMS Risk Assessment Report is part of a suite of reporting services available through TREND advance and Trend Partners.


Note: We’re so confident of the quality of our products that we have recently extended the warranty to 5 years for IQ®4 controllers and IQ®4 I/O modules. In fact, our systems regularly exceed 20-years in service, however it is always prudent to review and upgrade as the needs of the building evolve over time. 




The BEMS Risk Assessment Report gives you a succinct overview of the BEMS asset resilience across your estate; identifying risk factors and recommending how best to tackle them, either immediately or over time.  It's a proactive way of mitigating against unexpected costs and disruption, by gaining the knowledge and information you need to better understand your BEMS, ascertain where your strategic focus should lie and plan upgrade work well ahead of any potential issue occurring.


TREND advance experts will assess your BEMS to ascertain which controllers are obsolete and need replacement, which are no longer in production but can still function with relevant support or improvements and which controllers are current and need no action.


Proposed improvements are ranked in order of priority with detailed costs and timeframes so that you have the full picture of what needs doing and when - and how much it's likely to cost.




For business owners and facilities managers the report will put you and your business in far greater control, giving you a more proactive approach to facilities management and helping you develop a planned programme of improvements to take forward. 


Or, as a new contractor, it will help you to understand precisely what you're taking on when negotiating those 'all inclusive' clauses, thereby avoiding any nasty surprises further down the line.


But that's not all.


The BEMS Risk Assessment Report is also a great way of communicating with decision-makers and budget holders, because it enables you to present a strong business case in a language they understand.





To motivate finance managers, you'll need to present them with cold, hard, compelling evidence in an easily digestible format. The BEMS Risk Assessment Report does just that.


“Most estate managers and directors are aware on some level that their ageing BEMS could end up causing headaches, but they can't always translate that anecdotal knowledge into a compelling argument to gain funding,” explains Daniel Taylor, National Operations Leader at Trend.


“The great thing about our Risk Assessment reporting service is that it helps formulate a business case based on risk indicators, which is more comprehensible to finance personnel who tend to think in very analytical terms,” he continues.


“Our report takes away the guesswork, providing users with tangible information to make intelligent, informed business decisions that could save them tens of thousands of pounds by mitigating against unforeseen circumstances,” adds Daniel.





As well as raising awareness, the report provides clear advice on the steps required to reduce risk and manage your BEMS estate intelligently and efficiently. It can also be expedited quickly, meaning you can get essential insight in next to no time.


In fact, bespoke reports can be produced in as little as a week. We can even work with you to carry out the actual upgrade work itself, providing a complete turnkey solution if that's what you decide you need.


So, get in touch today to improve the resilience of your BEMS by identifying and reducing risk in an organised and efficient way.


For more information about the BEMS Risk Assessment Report, contact Daniel Taylor on


Alternatively, speak to your local Trend Partner – find yours by clicking here.


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Published  on  29/10/2018  by  James Tate
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