Why spending wisely now is key to a successful 2019   

With 2018 drawing to a close, facilities and building managers will be making plans for next year. However, due to uncertain economic times many will have held back on their spending to ensure that a contingency budget is available, if required. While this makes sense, it also means that with time running out and a ‘use it or lose it’ policy in place in most organisations, immediate action is required to make sure that any remaining money is spent wisely.


Budget analysis


Any Building Energy Management System (BEMS) related spend must support the needs and priorities of the organisation it serves. This could include one or more of  the following; ensure a return on investment (ROI), lower energy use, protect against cyber-attacks, mitigate risk, help define key performance indicators and, just as importantly, create the kind of comfortable working environment that enhances occupant wellbeing and productivity. If this sounds like a tall order that’s because it is! Yet gaining insight into the status of assets within a building allows many opportunities for improvement.


This is just one of the reasons why Trend’s suite of reporting services are proving so effective. Four reports are available. A Risk Assessment provides a full inventory of the Trend BEMS equipment in a building to identify areas for improvement and the level of financial investment required, while a Controls Security Review ensures that a BEMS is configured in a way that prevents cyber attacks and protects sensitive data. Meanwhile, a Valves Check Report does what it says on the tin and assesses whether valves attached to fan coil units in ceilings are operating correctly and, finally, a Control Performance Report identifies where targeted maintenance should be immediately carried out.


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Knowledge is power


This part of the year is also a good time to reappraise a BEMS maintenance strategy. Although many organisations have a planned preventive maintenance (PPM) programme in place, this involves replacing components on a time-based schedule, rather than doing so when they are actually worn or working inefficiently.


Matt Peasnall, Projects and Service Director at Trend, comments, ‘Rather than relying on PPM, which can incur needless expense, disruption and waste, remote monitoring builds intelligence into the process. A centralised solution like the Trend Network Operations Centre allows building services to be investigated and controlled off-site. This doesn't just involve making time and setpoint changes, but also facilitates carrying out remote diagnostics, configuring temporary fixes, addressing any energy related problems and predicting ways that equipment could be used more efficiently.’


Get your priorities right


It makes sense to use any remaining budget in ways that can offer immediate ROI and help create a clear strategic plan for 2019 – the time to act is now, as you won’t be the only one making demands upon your BEMS provider at this time of year!


To find out how Trend can help your budget work harder, email our team today on trendadvance@trendcontrols.com or call 01403 226931.


For more information about the BEMS Risk Assessment Report, contact trendadvance@trendcontrols.com or call 01403 226931.




Published  on  20/11/2018  by  James Tate
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