Fight cybercrime with a secure BEMS

​Cyber criminals use increasingly invocative methods to carry out their malicious activities. Andrew Paddock, partner channel sales leader Europe at Trend Control Systems explains why a secure Building Energy Management System (BEMS) is important in ...[Read more]

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Data: Use it - Don't lose it

​With so much data now available from a building energy management system (BEMS), it’s vital to use it as effectively as possible. Stefano D’Agostino, business unit director for Europe at Trend Control Systems, explains why collecting and analysing ...[Read more]

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Here’s how: A solution to the prevention of water borne disease outbreaks in hospitals

​Water hygiene in hospitals and healthcare facilities is vital to the recovery and wellbeing of patients, and the workforce. So why are hospitals continuing to face significant outbreaks of waterborne disease, here in the UK? And – importantly – ...[Read more]

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IQ®4 Hand/Off/Auto (HOA) modules: Saving energy, time and money

​The IQ®4 Hand/Off/Auto (HOA) modules, launched by Trend Control Systems at the end of 2018, have been designed for ease of use for all operators. Coupled with its straightforward usability is a focus on saving energy, having been designed to ...[Read more]

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Five key success factors for your connected building strategy

​In the first of a series of insight blogs, Trend’s business unit director for Europe, Stefano D’Agostino, shares the five key elements to consider when developing a connected building strategy. .ExternalClass5E4534E96F714FA7 ...[Read more]

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Spring forward and adjust your BEMS!

​One thing that won't be changing after 29th March is our bi-annual switch of the clocks! That's right, sunny days are here again  (hopefully) as Sunday 31st March heralds the arrival of the much anticipated British Summer Time (BST).   ...[Read more]

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Buy cheap, buy twice

​With some private finance initiative (PFI) hospital contracts coming to an end, Bob Blincowe, strategic account manager UK healthcare at Trend Control Systems, explains why many end users should have considered backwards compatibility when original ...[Read more]

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H/O/A: No tools required

​The IQ®4 Hand/Off/Auto (HOA) modules make it possible to override plant quickly and easily when manual intervention is required for whatever reason i.e. maintenance or repair of plant. The HOA modules have been designed for ease of use, as David ...[Read more]

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Made in the UK: award-winning manufacturing in Horsham

​Trend Control Systems has been manufacturing in the UK for decades and continues to deliver high-quality products from its award-winning facility in Horsham, UK. We spoke to Mark Chaplin, Trend’s Integrated Supply Chain Leader, to find out more ...[Read more]

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TREND advance hits the road for its 2019 Customer Days

​2019 has got off to a flying start at Trend Control Systems. I’m Sam Fitzgerald, national sales leader for TREND advance, and I’d like to invite you to join us at one of our 2019 Customer Days. These are exciting times at TREND adva​nce, so we hav ...[Read more]

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