The perfect prescription

​With their large and often complex water supply systems, hospitals and healthcare estates are potential breeding grounds for waterborne pathogens. Over many years instances of Legionnaires’ disease have regularly made the news headlines and its ...[Read more]

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Space - the final frontier

​Space within university campuses is at a premium and all too often the perceived solution is just to build more premises rather than utilising rooms, lecture halls and offices in the most effective ways possible. .ExternalC ...[Read more]

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Meeting the university challenge

​Studying for a degree is an expensive business and rising tuition fees have heightened expectations amongst students, as well as the parents and carers who help fund their education. Students are no longer prepared to tolerate semi-derelict ...[Read more]

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Back to School - your BEMS checklist for the new term

​The summer holidays tend to drag for some of us – well, except the kids of course! But, believe it or not, it’s nearly time to dust down those blazers and buy a new set of pencils, because we’re all getting ready to go ‘back to school’. We’ve pu ...[Read more]

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DCP228 – why ignorance isn’t bliss

​Although it seems to have passed under the radar of some organisations, the new DCP228 regulation is set to have a significant impact for many. Therefore, now is the time to act in order to avoid any nasty surprises and mitigate its impact. .Ext ...[Read more]

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​The National Health Service is celebrating its 70th birthday this month with a raft of special events, programmes and initiatives planned to mark the milestone birthday. .ExternalClassB0D4B46311364D2982401EA8C15AB25E p.MsoNor ...[Read more]

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All year round efficiency from a BEMS

​Although a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) is instrumental in controlling energy use and optimising comfort conditions, it can also provide evidence that any efficiency based initiatives are making an impact. I’m Sam Hayes, key account man ...[Read more]

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Spring clean your BEMS

A fully optimised Building Energy Management System (BEMS) means considerable energy savings, lower CO2 emissions and perfect comfort conditions for occupants. I’m Pradeep Singh, Area Sales Manager, South West and Midlands region at Trend and in thi ...[Read more]

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That was the year that was

I’m Graeme Rees, Marketing Director at Trend Control Systems, and with 2017 coming to a close it’s a good time to review the events of the last 12 months and pick out a few highlights. This time of year is often one of reflection and looking forward ...[Read more]

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Pass the sprouts please

​As we enter the season of overspending, overindulgence, wonderful surprises (hopefully) and happy faces all around, we need to ensure our buildings and building occupants enjoy the same festive cheer. As we plan our holidays and a change in workin ...[Read more]

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