The Training Academy will soon be introducing a 'new' online training portal. By bringing many elements together in this port​al, Partners will have more control over their Trend training.

Some benefits will include:

  • 24/7 availability - no need to contact Horsh​am, Partners can book UK training courses at their convenience.
  • Online access to individual training records and certificates - no need for engineers to keep personal copies.
  • Online access to team training records ​and certificates - managers have an 'overview' of engineers training.

​Further details and information will be released shortly.

How do I book training?

To check availability or to make a booking contact our Training coordinators on 01403 211888 or
Where does your classroom training take place?

We have 3 training locations in the UK: Horsham, Bury and Redditch
Can anyone participate in Trend Training?

Only Trend approved Partners or End Users are eligable for Trend Training.