IQ4NC node controller

‚ÄčThe IQ4NC is the latest device to join Trend's industry leading IQ4 range. The new device has a range of enhanced features providing more or less everything you'll ever need from a node controller.

The IQ4NC replaces both the EINC and BINC products, combining the functionality into one unit enabling Trend products to seamlessly talk to each other across multiple communications networks (Trend LAN, Ethernet or MSTP) and to function as a single system.

IQ4NC/00/230 IQ4NC with zero I/O channels with 230 Vac supply
IQ4NC/12/230 IQ4NC with 12 I/O channels with 230 Vac supply
IQ4NC/00/24VAC IQ4NC with zero I/O channels with 24 Vac supply
IQ4NC/12/24VAC IQ4NC with 12 I/O channels with 24 Vac supply


More Connectivity
The IQ4NC is a Comms Node and a Controller all-in-one. It has inbuilt control functionality and contains a powerful strategy engine that enables the control of the additional points in the 6UI / 6AO variant, thereby potentially reducing the need for an additional device.

Less Space
IQ4NC is significantly smaller than previous node controllers and fits into a standard DIN 19 electrical enclosure. This compact footprint will help to reduce control panel size and the associated cost.

More Integration
The IQ4NC is able to receive alarms from existing IQ1, IQ2 and IQeco controllers and transmit them across an IT network or directly to an email inbox. This gives enhanced levels of IT integration for Trend legacy systems, helping to get better use out of the existing BEMS.

Less Time
IQ4NC is easy to configure using a web based wizard and its auto correct feature protects against invalid configuration, reducing engineering time and callbacks.

Available in 24V and 230V variants with 0 or 12 I/O ports, the I/O variant has six universal inputs and six universal outputs. In addition, it contains 16,000 brIQs, 600 sequence steps and four VCNCs as standard. All this is housed in IQ4 style DIN 19 compatible casework, designed to fit perfectly within smaller electrical enclosures.