IQ Interfacing, now with Modbus & M-Bus


The need to collect meter data seamlessly in the BEMS through a single box solution has become increasingly important. Data is behind everything we do and to enable you to take advantage of meter data more easily we are introducing IQ Interfacing

NEW: IQ Interfacing M-Bus adds M-Bus support to the previously available Modbus capabilities.  This additional functionality allows you to use Trend strategy, Modbus, M-Bus and BACnet in a single device.

IQ Interfacing is a new feature in all IQ4 controllers (except for XNCs), and allows the integration of Modbus & M-Bus data directly into th​e IQ4.


David Field, Product Manager at Trend explained the benefits of IQ Interfacing, stating, “We recognise that our Partners increasingly require meter interfaces for an easier and more seamless data collection. With IQ Interfacing, Partners can benefit from a simple, single box solution that takes the hassle out of integration. No need for additional engineers, no additional installation costs and no third-party hardware. Everything you need, you can get with Trend and IQ Interfacing. Enabling our Partners to focus on what matters most - using the data collected to generate greater business value.”


The user experience for IQ Interfacing has been prioritised. So much so, that Partners will be able to simply select their solution and meter, drag and drop this selection onto an IQSET page and the system will generate the correct registers and strategy. IQ Interfacing will allow Modbus & M-Bus integration into an IQ4. Many common devices are already supported including ABB, Honeywell, Schneider, Kamstrup and Socomec Meters, as well as Honeywell VSDs.


We offer two training courses for our Partners, 'How to use Plant Blocks' & 'How to set up from scratch'. You can access these training courses via the LMS here.

If you would like to get in touch about this product, please visit our contact us page, or alternatively email us at marketing@trendcontrols.com.