Bulletin 81: TONN

Key benefits:

  • Gives you back control of your BEMS
    By bringing more systems ‘data’ points back to one supervisor it allows you to effectively control other building services from one.
  • Seamless Integration
    Using open network protocols (Trend, BACnet IP, BACnet MSTP, EIB/KNX IP, LONFTT, LON IP, MODBUSRTU Master, MODBUSRTU Slave, MODBUSTCP Master, MODBUSTCP Slave, MBus Serial, MBus IP, oBIX and SNMP) to integrate disparate ‘systems’ into your Trend BEMS, making your BEMS easier to use and increasing the range of control. If required, proprietary protocols for application integration (Lighting, Room Booking, Metering, Packaged Plant, Blind Control etc.) can also be included.
  • Full system integration from a Trend Partner
    Complete customer integration requirements can now be managed from a single source and supported directly by the main BEMS controls supplier. This removes the need for 3rd party black box interfaces which can result in complex and costly3rd party support contracts.