Bulletin 80: XNC3 Drivers

In the UK, some 50% of new build and refurbishment projects involving Trend BEMS now call for some form of integration with third-party devices or systems, while in the rest of Europe the figure is even higher. Of the various ‘open’ communications protocols used by these, easily the most commonly encountered are Modbus and Mbus.

The new XNC3 Drivers provide a simple, low-cost means of interfacing to building services products, such asVariable Speed Drives and the controls fitted on boilers, chillers and split air conditioning units using Modbus and Mbus ‘open’ protocols. The IQ3/XNC drivers store and run the TCL application which allows data display from 3rd party devices as well as being able to adjust their settings using a Trend 963 Supervisor.

Trend has developed eight 'off the-shelf' XNC3 drivers which are available for download free of charge from the download section of PNET. Four are for Modbus applications and Four for interfacing with M-Bus, which is a popular protocol for metering. The options in both cases are a serial interface and a TCP/IP version.

There is no need to to have programming skills, or to understand the Trend Custom Language (TCL), used for writing IQ3/XNC drivers. This will allow more common interfacing applications to be delivered locally and in turn will enable project costs to be reduced and delays minimised. Furthermore, the new drivers are supported by Trend.

Please note: Before Trend will offer Technical Support on issues between Trend and 3rd Party devices, the XNC3 training module must be completed and passed.