Latest Product Releases

  • TONN8 is built on Niagara N4, the market leading integration platform, and is now “Brand Unlocked”, meaning that you can run 3rd party drivers alongside the Trend driver on the TONN8, hence the TONN8 is a truly open platform.
  • Trend's new flagship Supervisor IQVISION completes the system-wide transformation of the Trend family
  • The new 24Vac variants provide an alternative to the 230Vac controllers for installations where Health and Safety directives dictate the need for low voltage within the control panel.
    The IQ4NC//16/XNC/230 and IQ4NC/32/XNC/230 combine routing, control and integration into a single box, saving on panel real estate and cost in many applications.
  • IQ4E XNC
    The IQ4E/96/XNC/230 and the IQ4E/96/XNC/LAN/230 controller variants feature the RS232 and RS485 ports which enable MODBUS and MBus communications through either or both ports from the same controller.
  • Trend’s new IQ4E controller offers big functionality in a small footprint​. Available in 16, 32, 64, 96, 128, 160 and 192-point variants; applications of all sizes can benefit from its best in class technology, while the ability to upgrade between the point variants provides increased flexibility.
  • Trend EnergyEYE is a site based software application that displays utility readings provided by the Trend BEMS. Trend EnergyEYE displays consumption figures for today, last month and year to date, giving a snapshot view of the energy being consumed on that site. The display enables customers to demonstrate their Green credentials.
  • The IQ4NC is the latest device to join Trend's industry leading IQ4 range. The new device has a range of enhanced features providing more or less everything you'll ever need from a node controller.
  • The IQ422 is the second variant in Trends’ family of IQ4 main plant controllers and builds on the success of the recently launched IQ41x series. The company listened to customer requests for a flexible device and has devised a solution that utilises the popular six input/six output formation, meaning that it can be used in small to mid size applications such as primary schools and health centres, as well as larger installations such as multi-tenanted office complexes.
  • IQview8
    IQView8 is the next step towards making energy management as simple and accessible as possible. Its enhanced design and intuitive display means that users will be able to access and act upon energy management information that is displayed – thereby saving on energy and money.
  • The IQ411 and IQ412 are the first two models in a new generation of BEMS controller. Though small in size, the Trend IQ411 and IQ412 offer a combination of advanced capabilities not found on any other building services controller, even much larger ones. The versatile new units – which incorporate a range of features that simplify installation, engineering and commissioning - are ideal for energy efficient, highly distributed local control of services.