Trend Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) are proven to significantly improve resilience for data centres, whilst at the same time minimising energy consumption. Trend systems monitor and manage a data centre intelligently to deliver market leading PUE ratings, with installations in some of the world’s most reliable data centres.
With a worldwide distribution and support network covering over 50 countries, Trend Control Systems is a major international supplier of building energy management solutions (BEMS). In the UK, Trend enjoys a larger installed system base than any other brand. The vast majority of Trend’s control systems are supplied, engineered and commissioned by approved systems integrators, a number of which specialise in the data centre arena.
  • Capgemini Group spends in the region of €40m a year on utilities and 70 per cent of our electricity usage is linked to their data centres, in which they host their clients’ IT equipment. they set a target of achieving a 20 per cent energy reduction target by 2014 from its 2008 levels.
  • A well designed BEMS is crucial for any organisation which has business critical systems. Chartwell have implemented designs utilising the Trend technology in a number of data centres across Europe that recognise the importance of energy reduction whilst ensuring that the BEMS is robust and that operating temperatures outlined in their service level agreements (SLAs) are adhered to.