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IQView8 Now Available

The next generation of monitoring

Jul 04, 2012
Trend Controls, a market leader in Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), has announced the latest addition to its IQView range of touchscreen displays. IQView8 builds on the success of previous models with a whole host of additional features and benefits.
IQView8 is a major breakthrough in making energy management as simple and accessible as possible. Its enhanced design and intuitive display means that users can access and act upon energy management information instantly – which can have a significant impact on the reduction of energy and therefore money savings.
Currently there are no regulations controlling how much energy a building can consume once it’s occupied. Even when a building is designed to be highly efficient, it doesn’t follow that it will be used efficiently. 50% or more of the energy consumed within a building is directly influenced by the way occupants use it. Their actions have significant impact on the amount of energy consumed by lighting, heating and cooling.
An IQView8 positioned in a high visibility area will enable building occupants to see the negative effect that actions such as opening windows, adjusting thermostats and switching heaters on has in terms of energy efficiency. Displaying live information will help to educate and improve behaviours.
It enables the user to view and adjust operating times, monitor alarms and make adjustments to controller parameters. However, the most noticeable feature of the IQView8 is its ability to display schematics that provide real time information such as temperature, humidity, setpoints etc. from the system. Specifications are increasingly calling for the use of schematics on displays in order to make them simple to use and easy to understand, allowing even inexperienced users to quickly find the information they are looking for.
IQView8 can also receive alarms sent from other Trend devices, where they appear on a special display, and an audiovisual indication of the alarm is given. Access to information can also be restricted to certain personnel and the screensaver can even be customised to feature a logo, a message or even a particular schematic page.
IQView8 has an 8” full colour 16:9 touchscreen display that provides a self-configuring user interface to a Trend BEMS. The screen offers superb resolution, contrast and clarity and visibility is further enhanced with a viewing angle of almost 90°. The IQView8 software presents the user with a familiar, intuitive environment with visual access to all of the controllers and devices on a site connected by Ethernet, Trend LAN or via the supervisor port on an IQ controller.
Other features include enhanced efficiency via an energy saving mode. This allows the screen to be programmed to switch off when not in use. When in this mode, the unit’s LED goes green to indicate that it is still powered on and will illuminate again as soon as it is touched.
Stylishly designed in order to complement modern office layouts, IQView8 requires minimal set up and commissioning - re-using existing Trend 963 schematic pages or IQ3xcite webpages can reduce engineering time and provide a consistent user interface for the user. Installation is also straightforward and the unit can either be flush, surface or panel mounted almost anywhere. With an IP65 dust and water ingress protection it can even be located in areas such as kitchens and plant rooms and with a temperature rating of between -10°C and 60°C it can maintain its operation in a wide variety of environments.