Trend Open Network Node


A fully utilized Trend BEMS can control every aspect of a building’s environmental needs including, climate & comfort conditions, energy monitoring, lighting control, management of HVAC plant and system performance monitoring. In some cases however, it may not be possible to meet all the requirements for applications with a single supplier solution. It may not be possible to meet all the requirements for applications with a single supplier solution. Having 2 or more systems operating autonomously can have an impact on comfort, energy use and equipment lifespan. 

The Trend BEMS can be easily extended and integrated with a wide range of third party devices and systems. The presentation provides an introduction to the integration and interfacing capabilities of the Trend Building Energy Management System.

How to use this presentation

Section 1 provides you with an overview of Trend and its integration philosophy. This covers the different systems that can be integrated and the interface technologies that can be employed. This is a rolling presentation that can be controlled using the navigation buttons - top right.

Sections 2
is headed Applications. Here you have a complete picture of the Trend system (in the form of a block diagram) and how it relates to a number of "Energy management objectives". This is designed to illustrate the many different applications that a Trend BEMS can address.



The presentation covers 3 levels of integration and interfacing products and applications  TOPS/TONN, XNC3 and EMIC The white areas on the diagram can be clicked, this will reveal more information about the product which will be segmented under the headings:

  • Overview
  • Key benefits
  • How it works

Navigation at this point is positioned along the bottom of the page. You will need to navigate back to "Applications" before you can select another product. You can also click on the Trend BEMS button which will take the viewer through a brief overview of the BEMS and IQ3 hardware.

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