IQ Security

Trend knows that cyber security is a top concern for our customers and we continue to assess and test our devices to ensure they are as secure as possible.

We work to ensure that cyber security best practices are used throughout the development cycle of our products and also remind our system integrators of the importance of this issue and help them ensure their customers’ Internet-facing systems are properly secured.

Remotely accessing building control systems is not uncommon. Trend has always recommended that system integrators who sell and configure our equipment deploy them in a secure manner behind a firewall or virtual private network to prevent unauthorized access.

Trend takes cyber security very seriously and is committed to addressing any issues as responsibly, quickly and transparently as possible. Without question, strong cyber security results from a partnership between manufacturers, system integrators and the end-user customers. We are committed and focused on supporting Trend’s partners and end user customers.

Should you require advice or Trend’s support when designing or deploying system security please contact your local Trend partner or Trend directly on

IQ Security