Urban Lab in Genoa

apr 22, 2009

It is a great feeling to gaze upon a fine piece of architecture, especially one by the famous Italian maestro, Renzo Piano. Instantly recognisable, he has created buildings ranging from Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art, the New York Times Building to La Maison Hermès in Tokyo. To this impressive list, we can now add the new Urban Lab in Genoa, an open-space exhibition centre. 

The building is constructed by Fincantieri, one of the biggest Italian main contractors, at the site of Sestri Ponente. The consultant for the mechanical plants is GESCO and the installer, O.M.C.I. The electrical installation is engineered by SAEM at Genova. Officially inaugurated on the 31 July 2008, in the old harbour (Porto Antico) in front of the Maritime Museum, the “Urban Lab” is a form of “boat-laboratory”

The mechanical plants, controlled by a Trend BMS system, are composed of an AHU from Rhoss, with hot and cold coil battery, flow and return fans, filters and an electrical post battery. A heat pump type water/water works with a heat exchanger between sea water and condensing water. A latest generation IQ3xcite controller has been installed and engineered. In total, with the IO modules (8DO, 8DI and 2UI/2AO), there are about 36 points controlled. The control strategy assures the command of the vacuum valve, the pump for the sea water, the heat pump, the AHU with fault indication and  the temperature and humidity. The control allows for the optimisation of the energy consumption and the delicate ambient conditions in the laboratory.

The supervision is done with a Trend touch-screen network display IQView. From the IQView, each operator is able to see and control all the parameters of the installation. The embedded web server of the IQ3Xcite controller is also used with an on-site PC based web browser.

For additional information please contact Trend Control Systems Italy

email: or call : +39 3485160313