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BCIA Awards 2011

Trend pick up a brace of awards that recognize team and individual effort

июл 31, 2011

How to get the most from a building energy management system was the key question posed – and comprehensively answered - by a series of nationwide seminars organised by Trend in 2010. The success of these events was to win Trend the ‘Contribution to Training’ award at this year’s Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) Awards ceremony. The category was sponsored by the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA).

The seminars were attended by hundreds of energy and facilities managers and other professionals with an interest in cutting energy consumption and costs in non-domestic buildings. Speakers from Trend were able to provide them with a crucial insight into why it is that many BEMS perform below par or are not being exploited to their full potential. Importantly they then demonstrated how this situation could be rectified, often very easily and with large energy savings. There was also a valuable presentation on the government’s CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

Also in the spotlight at the BCIA Awards ceremony was one of Trend’s longest serving employees Chris Monson, who has worked in the building controls industry for almost 30 years. He has been rewarded for his endeavours with the BCIA-sponsored Lifetime Contribution Award.

Chris joined Trend in 1983 as a project engineer and commissioned some of the first BEMS installed in the UK. He later moved into sales and then R&D, where he oversaw the development of several new IQ controllers that enabled intelligent control to be applied in smaller buildings and within individual rooms. As a chartered Marketer he has held key roles in the company’s marketing organisation, his responsibilities having included planning and implementing marketing strategy and brand management. His current focus is on identifying and managing new product opportunities.

Chris has an exhaustive knowledge of building controls technology and is a respected figure within the industry, whose interests he has served in a number of ways. Among his more notable contributions are the 17 years he has spent as a non-executive director of the Building Services Research & Information Association (BSRIA) - two of them as its chairman